Our Skills



- Excellent customer service skills with 24 hours support before, during and after the trip to ensure clients satisfaction - Skilled in organizing cultural, historical, educational, Nomad, traditional, adventure,eco and sport tours and any tailor-made travel itineraries.
- Seminar and conference provider
- Offer high quality services that fit the clients’ budget
- Good listening skills to listen to clients attentively and providing the preferred and customized travel program and services which meet their expectations
- Having Extensive knowledge and information of all destinations of Iran
- Fluent in English and French languages to interact with tourists easily
- Strong problem-solving skill to cope with the stressful situations and emergency times
- Active on sustainable tourism, the third generation of tourism and helping tourists to touch different aspects of locals’ life
- Provide different types of tours itineraries according to the client’s interests,tastes and ages



 Our Missions & Concerns



- Developing sustainable tourism and the third generation of tourism
- Create new travel experiences which not only heal tourist’s soul also relax
their body
- Helping people who get bored of modern life to experience a deep joy and excitement during their journey
- Protecting the natural environment, conserving natural resources and reducing water consumptions by our team individually and in our trips
- Protecting animals by helping them live free from suffering
- Using environmentally friendly and recycled materials, stuffs and sustainable products in our personal lives and tours
- Reducing our footprints in nature when we are in eco tours
- Attempting to spread peace among all nations
- Helping rare diseases organizations in achieving their goals and needs
- Dedicating some of our tour benefits to child labors, rare diseases foundations,Entrepreneurs, Animal Welfare Associations, Environmental Protection Associations, non-profit organizations, Nursing homes, Disability Care Centers






- High quality accommodation based on tour package levels and clients’ taste such as traditional houses, hostels, boutique hotels, 3, 4, and 5 stars hotels as well as Camp tents and Nomad black tents
- Domestic flights, train and bus tickets
- Skilled and well-knowledged tourist guides
- Well-trained professional drivers with air-conditioned and comfortable vehicles
- Full coverage travel insurance
- Meals and daily refreshments that suit different tour package types (include specific and vegetarian diet)
- Organizing different types of tours such as: cultural, historical, educational,Nomad, traditional, adventure, eco and sport tours and any tailor-made travel itineraries.
-Arranging Visa for all nations
- Providing CIP and VIP services
- Arranging seminar and conference





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